Thursday, 12 October 2017


Memory card is the removable storage device we add to our devices when we want to increase the storage capacity they came with. Memory card which was relatively cheap has become very expensive recently,is still very difficult to figure out why it is so. But if someone take a close look at phone market today, a proper observation will reveal that new phones which hitherto comes with an added memory card can not be found again, even Big phones of over thirty  thousand naira hardly come with free memory card as bonus ,showing that memory card has truly become a very expensive commodity .

When something like this happen ,trust wicked Nigerians ,the fake products  will flood the market,hence the need for this advice. Before now ,one can simply identify original memory card and the capacity by simply inserting the memory card in a phone or computer to reveal the actual storage space, but not any more, fake memory cards has gone wild, Currently a fake memory card will display the actual capacity written on the body of the pack  just as the original one will, some fake memory cards showing you the brand name.

Fake memory cards has grades, types and forms. Some fake memory card may contain files like music and movies, but in actual sense they are just storing the names of the files not the actual file , hence you will see over hundred music on your phone, you will pay for the music only to discover later that non of those music could play. some memory card will show you 16GB but only to contain 60mb, some will pretend to big good ,accommodating all the files e.g music,they will play it,but as times goes on you will discover that they skip to next track in between a track,it won't complete a track before moving to next track. some memory card will corrupt just within days of buying it,this is more painful especially when important files are stored in it.

Currently now,no trick to identify a fake memory card, they all look the same, is only when put to test that one can say yes this is the original one,the appearance  ,the packeting, the branding all look the same.the best way to buy original memory card currently is to first trust the person and the place you are buying it first, take them for there words and get a guaranty that if for any reason it turn out to be fake,you will return it.

Be careful who you give your memory card to put files for you,for it might be exchanged with a fake one,memory cards are relatively expensive now.

Price currently

Flash drive

Any thing  far below this prices ,is likely you are buying  COPY Thanks

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